Thursday, April 3, 2008

I'm Back! Did You Miss Me? I Brought You A Video! That's How Much I Missed You! Aw!

So I saw this movie whilst on vacation (night out with a level 4 alcoholic made following night movie night), and I only rented it because I was amazed by its existence and it was free. After 10 minutes of laughter I became upset that it kept going. Then i looked at a cat sitting on the floor for a good long while, but even the voices alone caused psychic pain. There were other people in the room trying desperately to do anything but look at this thing and yet the horrible sounds confused us all and we found ourselves looking in the general direction of and dimly following the plot of this thing as it seemed to play on in front of us forever. Then this song came on and we sang along.


Anonymous said...

greatest thing I've ever seen!

Charlie said...

I'm very sad for you