Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Bush and Religion

I just read an extract from Jacob Weisberg's The Bush Tragedy in the Times (UK). It deals with and questions the convenience of Bush's religion. Most of the questions stem from the evangelical minister Doug Wead (or "Weadie," to Bush), as he recalls Bush's lack of interest in religion except as a political tool. From the extract:
 'He recalled that Bush said: “This is just great! I can become governor of Texas just with the evangelical vote.”'
I'm amazed that anyone ever bought into his religious persona. In being born-again, Bush was able to place his marital, drinking and drug problems and his lack of achievement (as well as his numerous failures) in a box that was off limits. It also allowed him to display his simplified view of the world in a Good/Evil context that was admired by at least some of the population instead of ridiculed. It's a mask he can put on, along with his Texas one, and when someone points out how much his policies are hurting the world he can chuckle and say he's just doing "god's work."

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