Wednesday, January 30, 2008

This is Your Narrator

So this seems to be working, though I can't shake the feeling I'm talking to myself. I'll just pretend I have one of those wireless cell phone things jammed in my ear. I'm a classical musician and have plenty of free time between rehearsals/concerts and occasionally practicing. I'm hoping this blogging experience doesn't give me an excuse to practice even less, as being a musician should be a difficult progression towards "perfection." My problem is that I hit a comfortable plateau many years ago where I could play well enough to not have to struggle at the same time as finding interests outside of the small scope of classical music. I studied philosophy and argued about politics and religion and pretty much was content on my plateau. I'm now back in the world of classical music (albeit a regional Mexican orchestra with plenty of problems), and hope to use this blog to serve my other interests. That being said, which candidate would you, my dear reader, like to have win the US election?  

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