Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Obama And Religion

There was a day not long ago when the idea of a black man or a woman running for President of the United States was unthinkable. Sadly, there are still many racist or sexist Americans who believe that a black man or a woman should not be elected. These people are bigots of the lowest form and could be ignored if there weren't so many of them. But when unnamed conservatives begin to worry that a black man might actually have a chance at winning and then spread rumors that said black man is a Muslim or even a terrorist bent on destroying the country, I worry. Because even the America that would elect a woman or a black man would never elect a Muslim. Only Christians need apply. One must at least believe that Jesus had a super power or two in order to run for office, but that is not enough to win. Mormon? No thank you. You have crazy ideas that make talking bushes look brilliant (not just burning ones but ones with W in their name). This effort to make Obama look like a Muslim has unfortunately forced him to spend a great deal of energy pointing to his Christianity. Instead of talking about political reform, he has had to reassure everyone that he is, in fact, a Christian. Every time a news correspondent refers to him as Barack Hussein Obama he or she is trying to not-very-subtly suggest that he is a bad man who will destroy us all. I only wish he didn't have to mention religion at all, because I would prefer to vote for someone who is more concerned with human issues than otherworldly ones. And I really don't care who your imaginary friends are as long as you don't listen to them and then start killing people based on those conversations. 

60 Minutes (CBS)

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