Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Castro Resigns

Fiidel Castro has announced his resignation today. I am glad he is leaving office in this manner rather than being assassinated by the CIA. While his rule may have been characterized by the infringements of civil liberties it also saw a vast improvement in literacy and health care. With the United States attempting to overthrow his government at every turn, Castro did all he could to provide his nation with the autonomy that it deserved. Gone were the American businesses that stole all the wealth and land, but gone too was much of the wealth. I hope Cuba remains its own nation and does not turn into a Disneyland or Cancun, and I wish Castro a well-deserved rest.
(public domain photo from Leffler/Library of Congress [VIA PINGNEWS])

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Reader readsalot said...

From a different blog...
Just a quick hit today. I’m damn near hallucinating. Chance decided to get up just after midnight and partied til about 3am. You can’t do anything to convince an 18 month old it’s time for bed when he wants to play.

Since I happened to be up so late, I did catch the Castro resignation as it happened. Around 3am EST this morning Cuba announced that Castro was stepping down and they’d be “holding elections” (or whatever they’re calling their sham electoral process) sometime this weekend.

I find the timing completely bizarre. Unless the government spokes-agency people had toddlers running around their houses and felt like getting some work done, there’s no good reason why the announcement couldn’t have waited until the morning. Was Castro up at 3am thinking to himself “damn this job sucks, I really should retire”? Not likely.

The only valid reason to make an announcement like that at 3am was that the government was in a hurry. Something happened in the middle of the night to make them move up the timetable.

I’m going to go out on a limb and speculate that Castro is dead.

The Cuban government is getting their house in order before announcing it. They’ll “elect” his brother Raoul as Supreme King Hand of God of Cuba or whatever they call it. Then next week they’ll announce that Castro suddenly died, peacefully and in a way in no way related to his colon.

If I'm wrong, so it goes. I am also going to go take a nap now