Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Lunar Eclipse Still Very Likely; Shooting Down Of Satellite Not

From the Guardian:

High seas may force the US navy to postpone an attempt to shoot down a failed spy satellite, the defence department said this afternoon.

The USS Lake Erie, a cruiser that has the job of firing missiles at the satellite, is caught in bad weather in the north Pacific.

"We don't anticipate the weather being good enough today," an officer told the Associated Press.

If the US government is truly worried that the satellite "could pose a risk to populated areas," it wouldn't let bad weather get in the way of at least trying to shoot it down. If, on the other hand, this is what critics claim it to be, and the government has found a convenient excuse to test its super duper space weapons, the possibility of missing would look bad (what with the 12 billion dollars spent every year on the program). Why are they shooting from a boat, anyway? If rough seas could cause a miss they should shoot a missile from Hawaii. But then, when they missed, they'd have to claim it was because they were distracted by the hula-girls or got sand in their eyes. 

(creative commons photo attributed to flickr user Joe Hastings)

Update: Lunar eclipse was a total success. Earth did a good job of blocking the sun's harmful rays from the moon's pallid skin. Also: reported success from the government with its shooting at the satellite mission. They say they hit it, but it's still to early to say if they destroyed the toxic-material-filled-fuel-tanks that were the cause of alarm and reason for the whole show. 


rick said...

They're gonna shoot it down. They're just saying they're not gonna shoot it down so they can do it in private. It's going down. This reeks of cover up. They're shooting.

rick said...

Told ya so.