Thursday, February 14, 2008

Falling Satellite To Be Used For Target Practice

Fearing the falling satellite may hit populated areas and leak toxins on those it does not crush, the Pentagon has announced plans to shoot missiles at and hopefully destroy it. Also of concern is the technology that the spy satellite could still have intact when it crashes - technology that the evildoers want. Mostly, though, this is a good opportunity to test antiballistic and anti-satellite weapons that make evildoers uncomfortable. From the NY Times:

The ramifications of the operation are diplomatic as well as military and scientific, in part because the United States criticized China last year when Beijing used a defunct weather satellite as a target in a test of an antisatellite system. The United States has opposed calls for a treaty limiting antisatellite or other weapons in space.

Let's see anyone try to criticize the US when it unleashes its awesome anti-satellite missiles. That's what I thought. All said, I guess I'd rather have an arms race with China than get crushed by a piece of toxic space debris. I'm selfish like that. 

(creative commons attributed photo from Flickr user C R)

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