Friday, February 22, 2008

Good Book

Neatorama did a post about Kent Rogowki's book "Bears" and the comments people have left on his website. My brother received this book for xmas and we dared him to open it on his flight home and pet the pictures and say things like "there, there" and "god still loves you." He refused. 


Anonymous said...

i didn't refuse!!!!!!

-your brother

Charlie said...

Really? I just assumed that when I didn't read about you getting forcibly removed from an airplane that you hadn't been brave enough. Anyone sitting near you seem concerned for your well-being?

Sheila Ryan said...

Charlie, I've got a deal for your brother. He parks himself in some well-populated public place (say, a restaurant or cafe), opens his Rogowski book, and talks nice to the pictures. He keeps a straight face. The performance is unobtrusively recorded. The performance is posted.

I will pay your brother one hundred dollars.


Charlie said...

I'll let him know, though he's on tour right now and probably does not have the book with him. I'd pay to see it too!