Saturday, February 16, 2008

Now I Need A New Playstation

A few years ago I bought my first video game system: a then-shiny 2005 Playstation 2. It took awhile for me to get used to it, but I eventually got good enough to play Grand Theft Auto 2 through San Andreas. And San Andreas is where the addiction really set in. It's really unhealthy to immerse oneself in that world, and I somehow could for like a day straight and without pause. It really corrupted my sense of reality, especially with the sleep deprivation, and getting behind the wheel of a real car afterwards was just asking for a speeding ticket, if not vehicular manslaughter. Anyway, I survived that stage of my life and eventually graduated to the less-realistic-graphics-yet-still-too-much-fun world of Wii. I felt equally guilty upon returning from the store with another hole in my pocket and nothing but mindless entertainment to look forward to, but I've learned to live with my compulsive purchases. For one thing, I'm convinced that I can probably golf in real life now, and I'm not constantly panicked when I see a police car. Nor do I try to get health from hookers anymore (only works in the video game). Sadly, it now looks like I'm going to have to spend another stupid amount of money on yet another gaming system. Nintendo seems to not want us to club people to death with our Wiimotes. 

GTA 4.

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